NSW COVID Check-in card for non-smartphone users

COVID Check-in card
Photo: SERVICE NSW/ Facebook

The NSW Government has introduced a plastic COVID Check-in card to help anyone without easy access to a smartphone to check in at a COVID safe business. Now, this is a huge problem for the thousands of NSW small businesses. Like takeaways, bakeries, newsagents, and general stores where a local simply pops in to get a paper or a coffee.

If customers don’t have a mobile phone, they must write their name, address and phone number on a paper sheet. The time-poor small business operator has to transcribe often unreadable information via a PC to a NSW COVID tracing website. And it is hard for the non-tech savvy to use a smartphone. Let alone access a QR code when they don’t have a QR reader or are in a mobile blackspot. Or remember to check out when they leave. The new COVID Check-in card allocates you a unique QR code that the small business can scan and automatically upload.

How to get a COVID Check-in card

First, remember that it is only for NSW residents. You need someone with access to an internet-connected computer, or you can go to Service NSW offices around the state.

Click on the Services NSW link here.

Your privacy is 100% guaranteed – after all, the NSW Government already has the information on you! The plastic card is posted, or a PDF is emailed to the address you nominate. You can download the card and print it out as well.

That is all the information you need – simple

Before you worry about the card being stolen, the QR code is encrypted and only means something to the COVID tracking website. No one can scan your card and get any details.

GadgetGuy’s take

This is another excellent use of technology to help the non-tech-savvy among us. It completely removes the issue of Check-in to pop down the shop for a paper and coffee and remembering to sign out.

The NSW COVID tracking app is also gaining more features, including allowing you to go back later to review check-out times to avoid calls when you were not at a COVID hotspot. The login period can also be extended up to four hours to avoid using FaceID or a PIN to get back into the app.

You can also read about downloading a COVID Vaccination passport here