Off-Facebook activity tool – search and destroy

Off-Facebook activity tool
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If ever there has been a euphemism (a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing) the Off-Facebook activity tool takes first place.

In fact, the Off-Facebook activity tool is a tacit admission that Facebook collects data from oh, so many, places that it needs to be put permanently in the naughty corner.

For without the release of the Off-Facebook activity tool, the social media giant faces even greater desertion from its ranks. #Delete Facebook

What is the Off-Facebook activity tool?

Officially, ‘Off-Facebook activity’ is a summary of activity that businesses and organisations share with Facebook about your interactions, such as visiting their apps, websites, stores, etc.

Unofficially, it is a half-hearted, she’ll be right mate, attempt to fend off massive and rightfully restrictive legislation coming from various US and European interests – as well as Australia’s Privacy Commissioner.

The devil is in the detail

For technical and accuracy reasons, we don’t show all the activity we’ve received. This includes things like information we’ve received when you’re not logged into Facebook, or when we can’t confirm that you’ve previously used Facebook on that device. We also don’t show details like the item you’ve added to your shopping cart.

But we have them!!!

Sorry Zuc, that ‘Fakebook-Lite’ approach will not work. At best you have bought some legislative time, and at worst put a slight dent in your ‘If the product is free, the product is screw you business model’.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a Facebook account because I am an intelligent, erudite journalist that values privacy. But I did spend quality time with a user that did and the ‘Off-Facebook Activity tool’ is a sham. Her past 180-day activity showed data from over 500 current apps and thousands of websites. Her shock was palpable. Note you can’t access data prior to 180 days – it has already been used against you.

After you have recovered from the shock of the ginormous data collection machine that Facebook is, delete everything. But this is only step one.

How to stop Off-Facebook activity

You also need to disconnect Off-Facebook activity. Go to More Options > Manage Future Activity > Manage Future Activity. Click Future Off-Facebook Activity, then click Turn Off to turn off your future off-Facebook activity

But wait there is more. Any site that you have used Facebook login to access should then log you out. If you are silly enough to log back in using a Facebook login it starts all over again. Do not use Facebook Login for any other website – use a proper username and password.

GadgetGuy’s take – sham, sham, sham on you Zuc – it’s a Fakebook shallow gesture

Even if you manage to navigate the three steps to ‘opt-out’, all you are doing is stopping the connection Facebook makes between its data (that you give it by using the service) and the data it gets from third-parties, not the data itself.

And who knows how many companies use Facebook ‘Business Tools’ in their apps, websites, loyalty programs, cash registers and more – it must be hundreds of millions.

Channel 7 Sunrise GadgetGuy has this segment here

Off-Facebook activity tool

As Val Quinn says, “Businesses are in cahoots with Facebook to gather your data – really quite scary.”

The information-gathering also happens with other Facebook-owned services like Instagram and WhatsApp. We hope that turning off Facebook spying hobbles these too.

GadgetGuy covers Facebook f’ups – the considerable coverage is here