Officeworks leverages Geeks2U acquisition – GeekCover for the masses

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Few know that Officeworks, well Westfarmers, acquired Geeks2U in March 2019. GeekCover is its first consumer and SMB product launch to provide monthly support and other annual services.

GadgetGuy gets hundreds of requests from readers for help. Sadly we can’t handle them, so our usual response is to seek help from your local computer store.

Our recommendation may well be to take out Geeks2U GeekCover (from $9.95/19.95 consumer/business per month). Why? A reputable organisation provides it. Officeworks website is here.

Geeks2U (Est 2005 – website here) provides seven days a week, in-home/office computer support services. It covers Windows desktop/laptop, Android or iOS smartphone/tablet. Due to Apple’s authorised service program Macs, coverage is not available – another reason to buy Windows or Android.

  • Hardware and software repairs
  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Security solutions
  • Wireless and wired networking services
  • Virus and spyware prevention and removal
  • Data backup and recovery solutions
  • IoT, connected home and AV equipment solutions
  • New phone app and data transfer

And if you need equipment replacement, they can order it from Officeworks and pre-configure, deliver and install.

Geeks2U and GeekCover

Geeks2U is a network of self-employed field technicians (independent contractors). So, GeekCover a) needs a support person in your area and b) is really only as good as that tech. Details here and terms here.


GeekCover members incur a call-out fee (usually $49 for same day) and a reasonable $79 per hour (M-F 8 AM to 8 PM). A $49 surcharge applies for weekends or public holidays. In our experience, these are quite reasonable rates. It also includes remote telephone support.

They can usually provide an estimate of the cost of work once on-site. That is the end of the blank cheque (remember them?)

It guarantees that for on-site services if there is no solution to your problem, there is no time charge.

GadgetGuy’s take – Service is an integral part of satisfaction!

Who do you go to when you need help? Dad, neighbour, GadgetGuy (please don’t) or do you just swear and vow never to buy product X again.

For some 40-years, I have been helping family and friends with tech. It is amazing how little they know about the tech they use. So, when you buy a new router, printer, computer, phone or IoT device remember this.

You may well have to spend more to get it set up and working the way you want it to. Happiness is a well-configured system.

And Geeks2U as part of Officeworks/Westfarmers is no cowboy operation.

GadgetGuy would be keen to hear of any readers experience with Geeks2U. Use the Disqus comment system below.