Olympus Mju Tough 6010 – the next word in rugged digital cameras

"Tough" compacts from Olympus are best of breed, being waterproof down to 12 metres and shock resistant to falls of a metre.

Olympus Imaging Corporation has announced the Australian release of its 11th Tough model – the Mju Tough 6010. Incorporating Australia’s favourite Tough features, pioneered by Olympus, the camera is waterproof to a depth of 3 metres, shockproof from heights up to 1.5 metres, and snowproof at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius.

Like its predecessor – the Mju Tough 6000 – the Mju Tough 6010’s waterproof, shockproof and snowproof design ensures reliable, high-quality shooting under conditions that ordinary cameras would be unable to endure – such as underwater or in cold winter conditions. From the tranquil to the turbulent, whatever the situation, this camera assures great results, giving users the opportunity to expand their enjoyment of photography.

As well as inheriting the proven super-tough structure of its predecessor – waterproof to a depth of 3 metres, shockproof against drop impacts from as high as 1.5 metres, and snowproof at temperatures as low as -10 degrees C – its tough exterior masks a surprising level of sophistication, with outstanding imaging power of a 12 megapixel CCD as well as four Magic Filter effects.

The 2.7 inch HyperCrystal III LCD monitor provides maximum brightness of 1000 cd (candelas)/m² and a wide viewing angle over 160 degrees. Its “triple coating” protects it against reflections, scratches and moisture, ensuring comfortable shooting with an improved view even under the bright glare of a ski slope or the murky darkness underwater.

In addition, the colour panel on the front is treated with a new “scratch-cure coating” that self-repairs minor scratches produced in daily use to help protect the camera’s beautiful finish for an extended time period.The Mju Tough 6010 also sports a 3.6x optical zoom lens with wide-angle shooting capability from 28mm, which is suitable for wide landscape and group photos as well as underwater shooting with a narrow angle of view, whilst substantial upgrade to the lens design gives the Mju Tough 6010 greatly improved shooting performance.

Difficult outdoor shots or those taken while moving underwater are blur free thanks to the Mju Tough 6010’s Dual Shakeproof image stabilisation system. Under the Dual Shakeproof system, the CCD sensor is shifted to compensate for camera shake, while high-sensitivity shooting, works to minimise image blur due to camera shake or subject movement. Furthermore, the Mju Tough 6010 uses a 12 megapixel CCD[7] sensor and Olympus-original TruePic III image processing engine to capture high-quality, high-definition images.

Key features

Waterproof to a depth of three metres the Mju Tough 6010 is the ideal choice for pool or beach-side lazing this Summer and perfect for capturing that water sporting moment. Drop-tested to a height of 1.5 metres, the camera’s rigid structure is proven to withstand any shock and impact endured in the outdoors, whilst ensuring it is also child-friendly – making it the ideal choice for capturing those holiday snaps. Equally, the camera’s ability to withstand temperatures as cold as -10°C[10] makes it a suitable accessory while hitting the slopes, and a truly all-season, all-purpose camera.

The colour panel on the front is protected by Scratch-Cure Coating5. With similar properties to the finishes used in many modern car chassis, Scratch-Cure Coating removes minor scratches on the body surface over time to help protect the camera’s beautiful finish over a long period, while at the same time as making the camera a more care-free and portable part of daily life.

New Magic Filter mode

Specially designed to expand the potential of digital photography, the new Magic Filter exploits image processing technology to turn scenes of everyday life into extraordinary images that are distinctive and compelling. Drawing upon advanced Art Filter technology from Olympus’ E-30, E-620 digital SLR cameras and new PEN camera, now Olympus compact camera users can enjoy exploring their creativity with a range of expressive and fun Magic Filters. Simple to operate, Magic Filters make it easy for photographers to create photographic effects without the need for special lenses, add-on filters or complex image processing techniques.

A total of four filter effects are available:

  • Pop – Enhances colours to turn familiar landscapes into more vivid, colourful world
  • Pin Hole – Reproduces the peripheral vignetting and unique colour tones of photos taken with a toy camera
  • Sketch – Transforms the image as seen by human eyes into a line drawing
  • Fish-Eye – Reproduces the dramatic perspectives of an image captured with a fish-eye lens

These filter effects cannot only be previewed live on the LCD screen, but can also be compared simultaneously using the “Compare Shot” function.

Rugged 2.7-inch HyperCrystal III LCD display

The LCD monitor has a wide angle of view of over 160° and enables accurate framing even when the camera is held at a very low or high angle and when images are played back, they can easily be viewed by several people standing around the camera. The high contrast and wide colour gamut renders images beautifully from true blacks to vivid colour tones. The brightness is twice the previous model, at 1000 cd (candelas)/m2 [11], which makes it possible to preview and frame photos on the LCD even under bright daylight.

In addition, the LCD panel surface is protected against reflections, moisture and scratches by a Triple Coating. This special coating reduces reflections even under strong daylight, while a hard coating gives protection against scratches and a water-repellent coating repels water droplets, improving the LCD screen’s visibility in both recording and playback, making the camera ideal for active outdoor use from skiing in the winter to underwater shooting in the summer.

Tap Control

The Mju Tough 6010 offers the innovative Tap Control feature only found on Olympus Tough series cameras. With a built in accelerometer, users can take a photo and play it back simply by tapping the top or sides of the camera body or the surface of the LCD monitor, which is ideal for use when wearing heavy ski gloves. In addition to tapping, functions such as slideshow speed can also be controlled simply by tilting the camera, creating an entirely new sensation that increases the fun and convenience of camera ownership.