Omega panels make fume-free heat in only 60 seconds


Omega?s latest micathermic panel heaters produce their maximum temperature output in only 60 seconds, giving you satisfying heat on demand.

Micathermic technology produces radiant and convection heat simultaneously and according to Omega Appliances the technology produces clean, safe heat with no sound and no fumes, making it ideal for people with asthma or respiratory problems.

The panel range features four models which are thermostatically controlled and wall mountable: the 2,400 watt P301 ($259 RRP) with three heat settings and is suitable for a room of 70 cubic metres; the 2,000 watt P302 ($209 RRP), for a 60 cubic metre room and it also has three heat settings; the 1,500 watt P303 ($159 RRP) which heats a room of up to 50 cubic metres and the 1,000 watt P307 ($139 RRP), with one heat setting, designed for a 40 cubic metre space.

The Omega micathermic panel heater range carries a two year warranty.

Source: Omega