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And if CD audio isn’t what you want around your home, consider radio playback, with the ALL5CD supporting DAB+ on the local unit and streaming this to other AllPlay connected speakers.

While we’re not sure everyone will necessarily want to listen to radio in every speaker in the home, we suspect people who can’t live without hearing their favourite programme will be intrigued by the idea that the radio will follow them from room to room provided they have enough speakers.


Panasonic has also showed a slightly smaller AllPlay speaker for people who may already have something like the ALL5CD, or who may even be interested in the ALL5CD and outfitting the rest of the home with smaller speakers.

This year, that smaller speaker is the SC-ALL2, a compact box of a speaker that incorporates an 80mm speaker, Bluetooth connectivity, support for the AllPlay streams from both the speakers in the home or from the app on a smartphone or tablet.


There’s no word yet on pricing for either model, but you should see the smaller ALL2 speaker in stores in June, while the larger CD-ready ALL5CD will land in retail and electrical stores in July.