Philips adds a trimmer for barely thirty

The bearded of you out there know the burden of trimming that precious fuzz. This writer runs from shaving gadgets often enough, and it can be hard to find a hair trimmer that works with you. Fortunately, Philips has a new shaver developer for use in most places, moist or otherwise.

Designed for moustaches, beards, and any other facial hair you want to throw at it – or it at facial hair – the Philips GoStyler is the company’s latest attempt at coming up with a solution for those that don’t like to go all the way down to the skin.

“More and more men are looking to use their facial hair as a form of self expression, and are looking for tools that are going to let them achieve their desired look with ease and precision,” said Tom Paltridge, Marketing Manager for Personal Care at Philips Australia and New Zealand.

“The GoStyler is a men’s grooming tool for those who are looking to create a new look or simply keep their beard or moustache well maintained.”

The launch of this product comes barely a few months after Philips took its three bladed shavers in for a redesign and put out a waterproof model in the form of the AquaTouch, and the GoStyler follows partly in its footsteps by providing a shave in either wet or dry circumstances.

As such, Philips has said the GoStyler is completely waterproof, and will come with several comb heads (4mm, 5mm, and 6mm) to help the bearded style it even while in the shower.

The Philips GoStyler arrives on shelves later this week and will come with a recommended retail price of $29.95.