Philips plugs in blue lights for skin repair

Blue LEDs may well be one of the more annoying things to look at in gadgets, but Philips has come up with a new use for the technology, finding a way to improve the health of skin for people with psoriasis.

A new gadget for your health, the Philips BlueControl will rely on UV-free blue light emitting diodes to reduce inflammation of the psoriasis skin disorder, with the gadget using 40 intensive LEDs and various amounts of light through different settings to help sufferers of psoriasis.

“Research proves that blue LED light treatment slows down rapid cell division and can also reduce inflammation,” said Matthias Born, Head of Clinical Affairs for the Philips Light and Health division.

“This research has enabled us to develop, for the first time, an unprecedented treatment device that can make a real difference to the lives of sufferers psoriasis vulgaris.”

According to research by Philips over a period of four months, patients exhibited a 50 percent reduction of symptoms, with no negative side-effects shown.

Unfortunately, while it will be made available in Europe, Philips has made no mention of the gadget coming to Australia, with a representative for the company telling GadgetGuy that “currently Philips globally has not planned to launch BlueControl in Australia or in New Zealand yet.”

That’s a shame for patients in Australia keen to try something beyond a topical solution, though we’re sure with enough prodding from GPs and dermatologists this side of the world, Philips could eventually find a reason to release it here.

We might even see people assemble their own blue LED products to combat the disorder, though there’s possibly more at work here than just the regular stock you can find locally at an electronic store.