Pint-sized HTC One on the way with an infographic hint

HTC has already made a lot of waves with its near-perfect smartphone, an Android handset that has grabbed glowing reviews from us and around the world, and while we’ve heard rumours that a smaller version might be coming, HTC looks to be adding fuel to the fire, suggesting an official announcement is around the corner.

Spotted on the HTC blog by US tech site Engadget, an HTC is talking up how “little things” can “pack a big punch,” which sounds like a hint that the smartphone maker will have a smaller device packing in as big a punch as its current flagship model.

The image, which points out all sorts of neat facts about small things, such as how the mantis shrimp’s attack can boil water, how the Trinidan Scorpion Moruga pepper is tiny and packs in more heat than anything else, and even how the upcoming Xbox One – which apparently has a catchy name (another in-joke) – is much more powerful than the computer on the Atlantis space shuttle.

A snippet of HTC's hint of an infographic.

Currently, the new HTC is rumoured to be called the “HTC One Mini,” and is expected to feature a similar design, two front facing speakers, a fast processor, Beats Audio technology, and a high-definition screen of between 4 and 4.3 inches.

We’ll let you know if anything else happens on this front, but until then, the infographic is available on HTC’s website.