Plantronics shows new headphones for gamers

When the weather starts to get colder, we look for more reasons to stay inside, and gaming makes a lot of sense to our minds. But not everyone wants to hear you pulverising the living crap out of bad guys on screen, so here are some new headphones designed just for gamers.

Announced this week, Plantronics has updated three of its headphone lines, designed to offer gamers comfy ear cushions, large speakers, and noise cancelling microphones for when you just have to yell “YEAAAAAHHHH” after you’ve made that fatal shot. Before you get taken out yourself.

The 380 has a professional look to it, more like retro headphones.

“Plantronics Gamecom headsets have always been modelled on the military headsets that we design,” said Peter Petrides, Sales Manager of Plantronics Australia. As a brand, Plantronics has for years been used by the military and NASA to create audio electronics taken out in harsh environments.

“We understand that gamers crave high-quality audio and clear voice communication,” he continued,  “[and] the new Gamecom headsets cater to this need as well as provide ultimate comfort, ease of use, reliability and style, which are also important features for PC gamers.”

The $50 Gamecom 307 headphones.

There are three headsets to choose from, with the on-ear Gamecom 307 available for $50, the 380 for $90, and the big daddy Gamecom 780 retailing for $130.

The 780 packs 7.1 surround sound into a pair of headphones, enabled by Dolby, 40mm speakers, and throwing volume controls on the headphone so you don’t have to take your eyes from the screen as you play.

We can certainly see why gamers would dig that.

The 780 headphones remind us of the 380, except with more red.