powermonkey-classic (Version 2) – portable power for iPods, phones and more

The powermonkey-classic was the first charging device from Powertraveller, and it has now been released in a new range. Once only available in silver, you can now pick up one in piano-finish clack, classic silver, deep purple, royal blue and hot pink.

The powermonkey-classic (Version 2) is portable power pack, and plugged into devices such as iPods, PDAs, handheld gaming machines and mobile phones, will either run them or charge their batteries. Powertraveller claim that one full charge on a powermonkey-classic will run an iPod for 40 hours of playback, give you 5 hours of handheld gaming, or fully charge an iPod 3 times before the powermonkey-classic itself needs a recharge.

It weighs only 75 grams, will power any device up to 5.5 volts, and ships with a universal mains adaptor that will work in over 150 countries, plus a pack of adaptors for phones from Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry.

The powermonkey-classic (Version 2) has an RRP of $74.99, and is available from www.powertraveller.com.au and David Jones.