Pretty package – Jamo’s DMR60 packs a playback punch!


With a USB (1.1) socket and a four-in-one card reader integrated into its chassis, the DMR60 is not just an ordinary DVD receiver – it will also playback MP3, WMA, MPEG4 and JPEG files directly from flash memory card and USB drives.

More conventionally, it plays back CDs and DVDs (including DVD+/- R/RW and discs encoded with Xvid and DivX video), receives AM and FM radio transmissions, and provides 5 x 60 watts of power output. Progressive scan output is provided via component video, and therees a dedicated output for adding a powered subwoofer, such as the SUB 200.

Part of Jamoos A 10 series subwoofer/satellite system, this has a 200 mm woofer and a range of adjustments (high-level and line-level inputs, automatic on/off switching, level, cut-off and phase controls) that allow seamless integration with the systemms A 102 satellites and centre channel. All are finished in high-gloss black and silver, with the combined DVD receiver/speaker package costing $1499. Individually, the DMR 60 costs $899 and the A 10 system, $799.