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Slick and schmick: Huawei’s Watch reviewed
3.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $649; Starting price from $549;
Manufacturer: Huawei

Apple isn’t the only smartwatch maker out there, and if you’re after something premium without needing to resort to thousand dollar pricing, Huawei’s Watch offers a very good looking take that could fill the gap.


Smartwatches may well be the next big area for mobile makers, and Huawei — a mobile maker — is trying one itself, with the arrival of the Huawei Watch. No extra codes or numbers here, as it — like the Apple smartwatch — is just called the “Watch”.

Inside the Watch, Huawei has equipped Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400, 512MB, 4GB storage, and Google’s Android Wear preinstalled. From the box, however, you don’t just need an Android device to get the Watch working, and can get the Huawei Watch working from an iPhone, as well.


Bluetooth and WiFi will connect the Watch to your phone or home network, and you’ll even find a smattering of sensors inside, made up of a six-axis motion sensor, a barometer, heart rate sensor along the under-side of the watch, with a haptic vibration motor rounding this off.

On top, there’s a 1.4 inch circular AMOLED screen providing a resolution of 400×400 and pushing out roughly 286 pixels per inch. This is protected with sapphire crystal, with the rest of the body completed with stainless steel.


One button can be found on the unit, along the side, while the circular screen is also a touchscreen.

The battery is built into the body and is rated for 300mAh. Charging for the battery occurs with a small magnetic circular charge block.



When you first see the Huawei Watch, you’ll wonder if what you’re looking at is a smartwatch or a real watch, which is kind of what happened to this reviewer.

The shop attendant changing the band length basically did just that, doing a double take and asking what the deal with this watch was.

“It’s a smartwatch,” I replied, “kind of like the Apple Watch, but it runs Android instead.”

And it is kind of like the Apple Watch, not just because there are bits and bobs inside that make it talk to your phone, but because it has a premium feel much like the $1100 mid-range Apple Watch.