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Jura E8 2019 – affordable fully automatic coffee machine
4.4Overall Score
Name: Jura E8 2019
Price (RRP): $2099
Manufacturer: Jura

GadgetGuy survives on coffee, not just good, strong, black Espresso but milky flat whites, Macchiato and Latte lovers as well. The Jura E8 2019 got the thumbs up for ‘bitching’ coffee.

If you have around $2K to spend, then the Jura E8 2019 is the machine to beat. And it is our pleasure to tell you why! Note that the older E8 is still on sale, but it is absolutely worth the extra dollars to get the 2019 features (comparison here).

We recently reviewed the Jura ENA 8, and it scored 3.5-out-of-5. To be fair, this is an excellent home machine packed with Jura smarts and quality build, but it left us a little wanting. At $1,899 compared to the Jura E8 2019 at $2,099 (and the $2,650 Jura S8 – 4.4-out-of-5 and reviewed last year here) our review team simply could not give it the tick.

It is amazing how (in comparison to the stylish ENA 8) having 15 (10) coffee programs including hot milk (not just milk foam) and more granular control of the grind and strength made appreciably better coffee.

Now to be fair to the ENA 8, most users will be happy with Espresso and Cappuccino, and it does those very well. But in an office environment, you need many more programs.

Jura E8 2019 Piano Black

Website here

The E8 is Jura’s ultimate best seller in terms of price and features. It can automatically make almost all coffee types and is fast enough to satisfy a big Italian family or a coffee-addicted office.

Jura E8

On that point Jura’s 2019 Australian coffee study reveals

Home consumption

  • 28% consume 3+ cups at home per day (33/24% male/female)
  • 65% have a coffee machine at home (48/20% pod/automatic coffee)
  • Jura machine owners are likely to drink more coffee at home

Outside home

  • 17% spend >$20 per work week on buying coffee (50/50% male/female)
  • Jura home machine owners buy more coffee when outside home – to feed the fix

George Liakatos, JURA Australia’s General Manager, says, “We are encouraging Australians to make the switch from pods to beans, whether it’s via a JURA coffee machine or another brand. This is something we are truly passionate about.”

GadgetGuy has tested dozens of coffee machines, and one thing is true – pods/evil, real coffee beans/good.


It is as simple as lifting it out of the box, adding beans, water and milk and selecting the coffee type. You can visit the website for instructional videos.

It has a segment of water testing – that is simple with a disposable paper Aquadur strip (supplied). If your water supply is ‘wrong’, e.g. too hard, chlorine, calcium, sodium, dissolved solids or pH value, it will make the coffee taste ‘off’.

The perceived acidity of coffee corresponds to the amount of acid extracted from the coffee bean, minus the amount of alkalinity from the water. If you get the water right, it makes the bean’s job easier.

Jura E8 water

Fortunately, in most Australian capital cities, the water quality is fine. But you may need a water filter or acid/alkalinity tablets (the unit can use CLARIS Smart disposable filters and tablets) or some form of water pre-treatment to get good coffee – don’t blame the machine.