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Samsung’s bloody big 49” QLED gaming monitor (review)
4.2Overall Score

Price (RRP): $2,499.95
Manufacturer: Samsung

Please forgive the Aussie profanity but that is perhaps the best way to describe Samsung’s 49” super ultra-wide 32:9, 3840 x 1080, 1800R curved, Free-sync, QLED gaming monitor model LC49HG90.

It is a tad over 1.2 metres wide, nearly a metre tall and weighs 15kg – its damned big. Samsung says it is perfect for gamers. Channel 7 Sunrise GadgetGuy and gamer Val Quinn concurs saying, “It is huge, huge I tell you! It is like sitting in front of the Pentagon ‘command and control centre’ where you can see everything.”

Back to reality – this is a A$2,499.95 monitor, and you need to know everything about it before you damage the credit card. Sorry, we need to get techy first.

What is it?

The Samsung is 49” (diagonal), 32:9, QLED screen. What that means is that it is the same as placing two 24”, 1800R, 16:9, curved screens side-by-side without the bezel gap in the middle. Samsung claims it is equivalent to two 27” 1800R, 16:9 monitors.

When you look at it in that way it makes a lot of sense to have so much screen real estate to play with – perhaps place your game in 16:9 (one half) or 21:9 and use the other half for chat, statistics, live view, etc. Or an increasing number of games now support 32:9 format so use the whole screen and exercise your peripheral vision.

But if you try to stretch 16:9 image (a screen saver for example) to 32:9 all you get is either a very long, thin, stretched image or about 50% of the of the original image cut off, e.g. 16:9 becomes 32:4.5.

For example, you cannot watch a 16:9 format movie in widescreen as you won’t see half of it – it will display in 16:9 with black edges filling the rest of the screen.

It does not have speakers, but it does have a 3.5mm headphone jack to hear the audio signal from HDMI or DisplayPort.

Out of the bloody big 21kg box – Samsung CH90G

It is a one-piece screen that requires careful unpacking and following the instructions to the letter. That means taking the stand out first, rolling the box on its side, attaching the stand and then tipping the box upright. Whew.

While 15kg is not too heavy to lift, it requires careful edge holding to avoid touching the screen.

The edges of the screen sit 30cm off the wall and the stand tips about 40cm. That means if you unusually sit about 60cm from the screen you need at least a metre-deep desk!

The adjustable height stand has a tilt of -2.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°), swivel of Swivel -15.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°) and height adjustment of 120mm (from 5-17cm). It also has a headphone fold-out hook.

A 100 x 100mm VESA wall mount bracket is supplied.

The curve – 1800R

The curve is measured by radius (R). The lower the number, the tighter the curve.