PSB Synchrony loudspeakers

Canadian speaker manufacturer PSB has a new flagship range of home theatre loudspeakers it has dubbed Synchrony.

There are seven models in all, comprising the Synchrony One ($5,999) and Two ($3,499) floorstanders, One C ($1,999) and Two C ($1,499) centre channels, One B ($2,499) and Two B ($1,999) bookshelf speakers and the tri-mode Synchrony S ($2,499) surrounds. The unique design of the Synchrony S surround allows it to be used in three ways – either in dipole, bipole or monopole modes, making it very flexible for 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 channel configuration.

Three years in development, the Synchrony line-up is described by designer Paul Barton as “his most exciting speaker system to date”. Improvements include a new titanium dome tweeter, laminated cone drivers and a re-engineered crossover network. The Synchrony’s cabinets have also been refined compared to previous models and use extruded aluminium front and back panels together with seven-layer, hand-veneered sides. The result is a very strong, resonant free enclosure, according to PSB.