Pure drops wires and goes AirPlay with new Contour

One of the world’s leading makers of wireless music and radio devices is dropping the cord and allows its customers to play music over the air, with the latest Pure Contour dock supporting Apple AirPlay.

Heading to stores this week with a recommended retail price of $399, the Pure Contour 200i Air is an iPod dock with support for Apple’s own AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream music from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, and even Mac or PC over wireless without much setup.

The dock makes it easy for an iDevice to let it on the network, with a simple exchange of WiFi details between the iDevice and the Contour, and then voila: it’s online and ready to take streams from your gadget.

Ethernet support is also included – just in case you don’t use WiFi – and there’s even an app available to let you stream radio stations, podcasts, and more with the Pure Lounge App.

A remote control is bundled in, too, allowing you to control your music playback even when the iDevice is docked.