Qosmio G40 is smart entertainment in high definition


Taking notebooks to a stunning new level of excitement, and perfect for those looking for that something extra, Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited Information Systems Division (ISD) introduces the Qosmio G40. Not only is it the world?s first notebook with an integrated hybrid TV tuner, it also incorporates the latest Intel® Centrino® Duo processor and a high definition (HD) DVD-R optical drive that plays and records in full 1080p resolution.

At the cutting-edge of PC technology, users can also watch TV on the Qosmio G40, with its Twin DVBT TV Tuner and Dolby surround sound, delivering a cinematic experience.

Enhancing the HD digital experience, the Qosmio G40 multimedia machine burns up to 30GB of data including home videos, photo albums and music libraries, onto one HD DVD-R disc. In addition to the storage capacity, the HD DVD-R optical drive also plays HD DVD movies in full 1080p, with six times the detail and sharpness, than the standard DVD format.

A connected home on your desktop

The Qosmio G40 offers extensive multimedia and HD entertainment features. This powerful and versatile mobile device is an HD DVD / HDD / DVD recorder, boasts a 17-inch widescreen LCD TV and includes a virtual surround sound system.

Users can connect the Qosmio G40?s HDMI port to a HD TV to expand the functionality of their home entertainment centre. Once connected to an HDTV, the Qosmio G40 can deliver a 1080p movie with all the unsurpassed quality of HD DVD.

The enhanced technology of HD DVD provides Qosmio users with a groundbreaking level of interactivity that revolutionises how people watch movies. Features, such as in-movie commentary and downloadable internet content via its standard and wireless connections, provide layers of valuable options that reach deeper into the moviemaking process, such as highlighting interesting details concerning real-life set locations, as well as high definition movie trailers and music videos.

Additionally, the Qosmio G40 includes two integrated analog and digital TV tuners, which support worldwide TV broadcasting formats. It also means it is simple to record from the both TV tuners at once, which is a feature not previously available.

High performance

As the most complete entertainment notebook available, the Qosmio G40 takes the gaming experience even further. The DirectX10 enabled NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT graphics card and Qosmio engine combine to propel next-generation games to new heights of realism, by faithfully reproducing textures in hair, facial and body features, while providing a richly detailed environment for an immersive gaming experience.

To maximise the functionality of the Qosmio G40 and its HD DVD-R drive, Toshiba?s digital lifestyle application Ulead® DVD MovieFactory® has been included. With this value-added software, users can easily import and edit high definition and standard digital home movie footage to create personal masterpieces.

The Qosmio G40?s clean black and white design is starkly contrasted by its silver volume and AV control keys, each backlit by a halo of blue light.

The Qosmio G40 comes with one year international parts and labour warranty, including complimentary courier pick-up and return service (Australia and New Zealand).

Pricing and availability

The recommended retail price for the Qosmio G40 is $4,999 including GST.

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Source: Toshiba (Australia) Pty Limited