Right click shop – buying consumer electronics online

The pros and cons of shopping for consumer electronics online

The average Australian home buys only three percent of its consumer goods online, according to studies from early 2006. However, these figures have increased drastically, and each year sees an increase in the amount of money consumers spend online. And since some 60 percent of Australian homes have the internet, with 80 percent of these people already on broadband, you can bet your last dollar that online shopping is on the way up.

Internet shopping also lends itself well to buying certain sorts of electronics and DVD/CD software. If you are confident you can trust the website you are buying from, you can often save money and have goods delivered promptly, or find goods such as specific camera lenses, headphones, music players, and so on.

Of course, online shopping does tend to suit smaller items that won’t cost the earth in postage, but you can also purchase larger items online, such as assemble-yourself loudspeakers. In fact, you really can buy just about anything you want online if you’re prepared to do the work and you find a trustworthy retailer.