Rite in the Rain can write in the rain too

Rite in the Rain
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Rite in the Rain is a range of notebooks, pens, pencils, papers, gear and more for those that need to write in the rain, snow, mud, and slush.

The real tech story here is that Rite in the Rain has something to suit almost any industry – agriculture, environment, geology, law enforcement, recreation, military, maintenance, underwater, and so much more. And if not it can design something that does.

What is best is that the Tecoma US-made Rite in the Rain paper uses wood-based and recyclable paper. Unlike ordinary paper, it won’t turn to mush in the rain, when accidentally washed, with sweat, oil, grease etc.

Rite in the Rain

There is a really nice story of the company’s now 114-year history here. It shows a little about the process paper goes through to be ‘all-weather’ including a guarantee to make it ‘Rite’ if it does not work for you.

Rite in the Rain

We received a pack of No 135 All-Weather, top spiral-bound notebooks and had a bit of fun. Here is what we found.

In normal dry use

Permanent markers and ball-point bens that use a dye or pigment (colour) suspended in a solvent of oil (benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol) are fine. This is because the ink can get past the waterproof coating and into the paper.

Water-based inks such as Gel, highlighters, fountain pens etc. won’t penetrate the coating, simply beading and washing off.

‘Lead’ pencils are made from a mix of graphite and clay and don’t penetrate through the coating, but they do abrade it to leave a mark. Similarly, grease pencils work as well.

In wet use, a pressurised all-weather pen is best. You may recall the ‘space-pen’ that writes underwater or in space.

Rite in the Rain

 For extreme use

Dura Rite is synthetic and will survive indefinitely underwater.

Rite in the Rain

For laser copier use

Perhaps the best thing is to say is that it is not for inkjet use as most inkjets use a dye suspended in water.

Use of Rite in the Rain or Dura Rite copy paper makes permanent copies.


Rite in the Rain is an archival quality paper and will last several hundred years under normal use.

Where do you get it?

Just Google it or go to Gearsupply

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