Rocksmith guitar game arriving in September, finally

Been itching to show the world what an amazing guitar slinger you are but haven’t had the chance to learn yourself? A game is on the way to Australia that will let you plug a guitar into a console and play like a real guitar hero.

Originally announced this day last year, Ubisoft’s “Rocksmith” would bring guitar gameplay to consoles and computers similar to Activision’s “Guitar Hero” and EA’s “Rock Band” franchises, except with one major different: Rocksmith will use a real guitar.

No more toy music controllers need to be purchased for this title, as Rocksmith can make use of any guitar with 6.5mm input jack, the type used when plugging a guitar into an amp.

Rocksmith will come with the “Real Tone Cable”, an accessory that allows the guitar to be plugged directly into a USB port, effectively making any electric guitar into a game controller. The game will then offer up gameplay based on how you actually play songs, teaching you music tracks as you play the game.

If you don’t have a guitar to play with, Ubisoft has partnered with Gibson Epiphone to release a pack later this year with a Les Paul Junior guitar to get you started. The title will still be available without the the guitar, but this pack will be geared at gamers who may lack the required instrument.

“Gibson is proud to have the Epiphone brand as the guitar of choice for the revolutionary Rocksmith game,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson. “Rocksmith provides a new and exciting opportunity for fans of all musical abilities to pursue their dreams – and actually learn how to play. We look forward to supporting Rocksmith as it is unleashed around the world.”

Ubisoft tells us that just over 50 tracks will be featured in the game, including Blur’s “Song 2,” Eric Claptopn’s “Run Back To Your Side,” Nirvana’s “In Bloom,” Franz Ferdinand’s “Take Me Out,” and the classic “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones.

While Rocksmith was announced last year, it still won’t reach Australian shores until September, with Ubisoft Australia citing that “the plan for Rocksmith was always to launch first in the US – it’s had some great success over there and now it’s our turn.”