Sangean’s WFT-1D+ and WFR-1D+ DAB+ digital radios

Digital broadcasts from commercial radio stations commenced in Australia’s major cities in May, and Sangean is widening the choice in DAB+ digital radios on retail shelves with the release of four new models, priced from $239 to $699.

The DPR-69+ and DPR-99+ are compact bench-sitters and offer battery power for when you need to go portable. For realising the best from DAB+ broadcasts and other music sources there is the top-priced WFR-1D+ and component-type WFT-1D+ ($599).


Designed to mate with AV receivers or two-channel amps in hi-fi racks, the latter provides an FM tuner (all DAB+ radios do), graphic equaliser, and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections to support the streaming of Internet radio as well as music files from a networked PC. The WFR-1D offers all that, plus 2 x 5 watt integrated speakers and an auxiliary input for connecting other audio devices.