Sanyo’s PLC-XP200L ups the projector LCD count

Sanyo’s $10,999 PLC-XP200L projector is the first on the market to incorporate a four LCD optical engine. Designed primarily for use as a data projector for showrooms, conferences, etc., the benefit of an additional LCD panel over the traditional three (red, green and blue) is that it automatically regulates the amount of yellow light in the displayed image, which Sanyo says results in higher luminosity and improved colour accuracy and clarity.

Rated at 7000 lumens it’s also the brightest in its class, according to Sanyo, all of which helps the PLC-XP200L project in brightly-lit rooms and halls. The contrast ratio is given at 2200:1 and the projector can be mounted at any angle for either ceiling or tabletop use.

Sanyo PLC-XP200L projector

Maintenance issues have also been addressed with a filter that automatically advances itself when it senses too much dust build-up. Replacing the filter is also easy, with a one-touch cartridge and side-loading access.

Replacement lamps are available at $458.39 a pop.

Sanyo PLC-XP200L projector