Scams afoot with news of royal birth

You’d probably have to move to Antarctica to try and miss the news of the birth of the royal baby, but as long as you have email access, you won’t be able to escape from the scams that are coming as a result of the news.

Picked up by Trend Micro, the latest scam fakes a message from live blog service “ScribbleLive,” with the email purporting to send you live updates of information about the birth of the child of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

But all isn’t what it appears to be, as the links in this email scam is just another form of social engineering, attempting to lure you into a site that can access vulnerabilities on your computer and device, potentially leaving their mark on your machine by stealing information about yourself.

“We are continuing to see cybercriminals more frequently targeting major world events, such as the birth of the royal baby, as these events offer them a great convenience to deploy a spam email run to unsuspecting victims,” said a representative for Trend Micro.

“These spam runs often prompt a potential victim to open a malicious link leading to a compromised web page that takes advantage of any software vulnerability or security flaw on your device, giving the cybercriminals the potential to steal valuable personal information.”

While being on guard against spam and scams might seem like it should be common knowledge by now, Trend tells us that Australia is the third top country globally accessing the links from the ScribbleLive scam, behind the US and Japan.

We hope those of you doing it have some form of internet security, but just in case, try not to click on things you haven’t subscribed to and suspect might even be out of place inside your inbox.