Sharp breaks down fruit with a new juicer

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If your resolution was to get more healthy and kick that fizzy drink habit, slow juicing might be the go for you, keeping more nutrients in the juice thanks to a slow extraction, and Sharp has something new in this space out shortly.

Sharp’s first slow juicer is arriving in Australia in the coming weeks, built to keep more vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes in juice than the regular slice and dice models of juicer that normally populate store shelves.

“The Slow Juicer is perfect for health conscious households, devoted juice lovers, allergy sufferers or anyone looking to boost their daily intake of fruit and vegetables in a deliciously simple way,” said Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for the Sharp Corporation in Australia.

“This product is sure to change the way people think about juicing. There is now a simpler, healthier way to juice just about anything this summer. Whip up anything from a traditional carrot and apple juice, to a more adventurous spinach and kale juice.”

While some slow juicers don’t have the mesh filter, Sharp is keeping it in this model, with the EJ-CP10BJ relying on a filter to push the fibre through, with only one major part inside the drum of the unit.

We’re keen to see how well it works, and also how much space it will take up, as it’s blender-style of design could mean it occupies less space on the kitchen counter, which is always a good thing in smaller and cramped food preparation spaces.

Pricing for the EJ-CP10BJ comes in at $499, with colour options available in red, white, or silver.

Now all we need is a compelling reason to try kale juice.