Soniq moves to three year warranties, though no word on budget 4K (yet)

JB HiFi’s house brand of TVs isn’t quite moving to the Ultra HD world yet, but it does have a different surprise in store for customers, and that’s one based in the world of longer lasting warranties.

If you’ve ever worried about your television kicking the bucket in the middle of a movie, budget brand Soniq will try to appeal to your hopes for good customer support with an increase in the warranty, changing, henceforth, its one year warranty to one of three years across its range.

“As an industry, most manufacturers will offer a one-year warranty but consumers rightly expect products to last a lot longer than that,” said Song Su, General Manager of Soniq.

“Our business is about building quality products at affordable prices so we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering an industry beating three-year warranty.”

We checked with Soniq’s people and found the three year warranty is basically an upgrade of the regular one year warranty, and that the dead pixel guarantee requires 8 dead pixels to be called a faulty TV, though with improvements to manufacturing, this may be less of an issue than when LCD TVs first started appearing.

Soniq’s range is all Full HD 1080p, however, and while we did ask if the company had a 4K Ultra HD screen planned, there’s no news to be had right now other than the representative saying that the company “will introduce one at some point.”

Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later, and provides some competition for some of the budget 4K screens beginning to roll out.