Spotify Wrapped 2022: how to find your top songs and listening personality

Spotify Wrapped 2022 top artists

Move over Myers-Briggs, star signs, and online quizzes – Spotify Wrapped 2022 is here to reveal your true personality.

A summary of what you’ve listened to throughout the year, Spotify Wrapped 2022 shows your most-played tracks, favourite artists, and how you compare to the other 456 million users around the world. Around this time of year, everyone’s social media feeds fill up with results from arguably the world’s biggest subconscious personality test. To join in, you need to know where to go.

How to find your Spotify Wrapped 2022

Aside from the pre-requisite that you’re a Spotify user, you need to use the mobile app. Slightly annoying for desktop listeners perhaps, but we don’t make the rules. Once you log in on either iOS or Android, all you need to do is tap on the Wrapped section on the app’s homepage. Here, you’ll find all sorts of revealing information about what music soundtracked your year and what it says about you. It goes without saying, it’s all presented in a highly shareable aesthetic so you can try and convince everyone you’re cool.

New for Spotify Wrapped 2022 is your “listening personality”. As a fun way of personalising your results, Spotify generated eight traits to prescribe your listening habits to: Familiarity, Exploration, Loyalty, Variety, Timelessness, Newness, Commonality, and Uniqueness. These traits form the basis of up to 16 personality types such as The Early Adopter or The Top Charter, each of which summarises your musical tastes.

Spotify Wrapped 2022 listening personalities

Spotify’s most-streamed artists in 2022

Pop sensation Taylor Swift was the most-streamed artist in Australia, while Harry Styles’ “As It Was” racked up the most listens for an individual track. First Nations artist The Kid Laroi took out the most-streamed Australian artist off the back of Justin Bieber collab “Stay”, and “Thousand Miles”. Swift couldn’t quite take out the global artist crown, with Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny the most-streamed artist globally.

On the podcast front, The Joe Rogan Experience accumulated the most listens both in Australia and internationally. Rounding out the top five podcasts in Australia were ABC News Briefing, Casefile True Crime, The Inspired Unemployed, and Call Her Daddy.

Meanwhile, if you’re an Apple Music user (like me), you have the comparatively less exciting Replay to show your top tunes. At least we can join in on the Instafest fun, which creates a fictional music festival lineup based on your most-listened-to artists.

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