Spread instant warmth to the whole family


By Ella Smith

Sunbeam has unleashed a compact ceramic heater to keep the whole family nice and snug: the 2,400 watt Oscillating Twinheat Ceramic Heater ($159 RRP) that produces convenient oscillating heat.

A combination of 90 degree twin swivel housing, which allows heat to be directed in two separate directions at once, and 70 degree oscillation means that the new oscillating twinheat ceramic heater provides greater heat coverage to effectively warm aroom.

Sunbeam says the ceramic element converts more electricity into heat compared to other element types, making it more efficient. The element also self-regulates the energy flow depending on the temperature and if it gets too hot, electricity cannot pass through it.

Its modern design makes the 2,400 watt Oscillating Twinheat Ceramic Heater ideal for small living areas, bedrooms and studies. As well it has a 2,400 watt ceramic fan heater, twin housing for multidirectional heat, an adjustable thermostat, two heat settings, a cool fan setting and the Sunbeam Total Safety System overheat protection for peace of mind.