Stay Smart Online Week, 8 to 14 October

Stay Smart Online Week

Tsunamis do not only do massive damage in the real world; there are tsunamis of cybercrime happening in the virtual one. Stay Smart Online Week, 8 to 14 October helps make Australians aware of the issues.

Stay Smart Online Week (website here), 8 to 14 October is an initiative of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). It involves a community of more than 80,000 individuals and organisations, all committed to sharing online safety information. It has a sign-up alert service to tell you about the latest scams.

These include:

And many more including Facebook, Bitcoin, Australia Post and socially engineers ones to distribute malware and ransomware.

What you need to do to protect yourself.

First, remember you may have several ‘front-doors’ and if anyone is unlocked cybercriminals can get in.

These include

  • Your PC (does not matter if its Windows, Mac or Linux)
  • Your tablet (Android, Windows or iPad)
  • A music playback device
  • Gaming console or PC
  • Your smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Apps and programs that run on the above
  • Your router to the internet
  • UPnP devices like network attached storage or security cameras that can be accessed remotely
  • Your home network including smart speakers, IoT devices (front door bells, smart TVs, printers, and all smart home devices)
  • Your work devices (especially if you log in with the same credentials as home)

Each device needs a different password, third-party protection (Internet security suites), router protection like deep packet inspection devices (Fing Box or Trend Internet Security) and privacy settings locked-down.

ACSC has an excellent free guide to protecting yourself here. It also has a small business guide here.

Stay Smart Online Week