Sunbeam Oskar Professional LC7600

The Sunbeam Oskar Professional LC7600 food processor is an excellent all-round, simple-to-use, no fuss food processor. This sturdy machine is quick to start and easy to assemble because all parts slot together simply without much need to reference the manual. It comes with a good mix of accessories including a spatula, processing and slicing blades, reversible shredding (fine and coarse) disc, reversible grating and a shaving disc.

Setting up

Out of all the food processors we tested, the Oskar Professional was definitely the easiest to set up. Its parts fitted securely and snugly together without any guesswork. Set up is done just by referring to the picture on the box and it starts first go. The manual contains excellent, clearly labelled diagrams of all the parts, plus how to assemble and store everything. It even provides handy hints on processing, cleaning the unit and recipes.


The Oskar Professional has some excellent features. Its processing bowl has a two litre capacity and has measurements clearly labelled on the outside. The food pusher also doubles up as a handy measuring cup. The storage drawer at the base of the unit prevents attachments from getting lost because they can be stored within the appliance when not in use.


Although the Oskar Professional only has one speed plus a pulse button, the powerful motor manages to slice, dice and blend even the hardest ingredients. The processing blade cuts, kneads, whisks and emulsifies. Onions dice finely in seconds.

Use the spatula when mixing to scrape down the sides of the bowl. The slicing blade does a great job finely slicing apples and potatoes. It has a variable steel slicing blade that allows food to be sliced up to 7 mm.

The reversible shredding disk provides two ranges so food is shredded either fine or coarsely. The reversible grating and shaving disk grates carrots in seconds while the shaving side is perfect for parmesan.

Besides the main body of the unit, the food processor’s parts are all dishwasher safe. But like all food processors, for best cleaning results it’s best to rinse the parts immediately after use to prevent any food from drying out and caking onto difficult to reach parts. But be careful of the processing blade because it is very sharp. The body wipes down easily but the raised buttons are a little fiddly to clean around.

The cord is a little short so the unit has to be positioned very close to a power outlet. When the machine is not in use its cord can be stored within the base of the processor.


If you want a no fuss, simple-to-use food processor that gets the job done then the Sunbeam Oskar Professional is the machine for you. It is easy to assemble and operate plus has a good solid design that feels like it will last the distance.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

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Easy to assemble, storage drawer, food pusher doubles as measuring cup, powerful motor with five year replacement guarantee, recipes in user manual, internal cord storage
Doesn't have a whisk or juice press, cord is a little short, quite heavy