Sydney harbourside home cinema – $110,000 of AV installation heaven

When the walls came down and two Sydney harbourside apartments were distilled into one that required four separate entertainment spaces, it was a case of ‘divide and deliver’ for Audio Connection.

If you’re fortunate enough in life to have achieved the ‘Man Cave’ double whammy of designating an entire room in your house to become a dedicated home theatre room and having the cash to kit it out with all the equipment you need for the job, chances are you’re also going to have a heap of admiring mates crowded around you and vying for an invite to your place when it comes to grand finals time. But while getting all that together is no mean feat, the owner of this article’s featured home theatre installation has achieved the Holy Grail: convincing the missus that multiple rooms are required in order to accommodate the boys toys!

In fact, this story goes one better than that. Always representing a difficult conversation at best and outright confrontation at worst, the blocky, ugly and outright massive nature of home theatre boxes has meant walking a tightrope of domestic bliss since man first ventured into the electronics store and saw all that was good. So imagine how good it must feel when the person driving a massive refurbishment of your home to turn it into an AV-lover’s paradise is your good lady wife!

That’s what happened in this Sydney apartment at Pyrmont Wharf, as the enlightened lady called in the boys from Audio Connection in Drummoyne – Peter Wilson, project manager and salesman, installers Ari Georgiou and Joe Vartuli and Nathan Vlotis on keyboards (actually, the programmer) – after the walls of two adjoining apartments were ripped out to make one large living space. With her husband watching on in approval, the Audio Connection team remodeled the place so that four completely different installations could take place!

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Completing the job quickly and efficiently over just a couple of days, project manager Peter Wilson was able to work with what he describes as a “builder with a keen eye” to ensure that provision was amply made at the outset for all four large, high definition screens, cables, controllers, connection points and the impressive total of 26 speakers. With the renovation essentially built around the plans for the home entertainment systems, Peter and his team had the benefit of encountering few, if any, obstacles to their work, with only an initial compatibility check on some of the pre-existing wiring.