Tall order in the kitchen from Smeg


Smeg has announced a dishwasher featuring a larger tank size than standard dishwashers that helps it to accommodate 14 place settings plus many of todayys bigger kitchenware thatts 34.5 cm in diameter.

Called the SA8605XTD ($1,790 RRP), it features 14 place settings meaning that the 16 litres of water the machine uses for a standard wash is made to go further. It features nine wash programmes and there are half load settings for eight of the programmes whereby the top basket is used for up to seven place settings and even less water and detergent is used.

There are six wash and five rinse temperatures to suit a range of loads and the 2-in-1 option allows operators to use dishwashing tablets that combine detergent with rinse aid. Adjuststable baskets allow the user to customise the dishwasherrs load. The height of the upper basket has three different settings to enable the stacking of taller items while the lower basket has flip down racks for both extra large and extra small plates plus cutlery holders that can be placed anywhere within the main basket. Large, awkward items can be stored in the lower basket as all racks flip down to form a flat bed. On the upper basket there are two racks for stem glasses plus a two-tier stacking system for cups, mugs and glasses.

Orbital wash system

The SA8605XTD has an orbital wash system: three wash arms and a multi directional ceiling rose which is designed to use small amounts of water efficiently. Safety features These include a six stage total wash security system. If the product suffers a malfunction the water supply is immediately turned off and no flooding occurs. It also has a concealed high speed water heating element.

What you use to wash really matters

According to Smeg, dishwasher users should choose phosphate and chlorine-free detergents, which the company says are known as more effective against grease and starch at temperatures above 600C, whereas enzyme detergents are equally as effective at lower temperatures of 400 to 555 C and are more easily biodegradable.

Other features

  • 12 hour delay start
  • Five stage self-cleaning filter
  • Digital display that advises the programme, time remaining, programme status
  • 35dB noise level when fully loaded and operating
  • Two year in-home warranty on parts and labour