Team GadgetGuy takes it off

Team GadgetGuy put their hands through their hair one final time for the next few months as they took it all off. Their hair, that is.

GadgetGuy’s Nathan and Leigh headed down to Martin Place at lunchtime today to do their part in the Leukaemia Foundation’s “World’s Greatest Shave”, an event that aims to raise charity while shaving the head of people who normally have hair.

“I feel liberated and enriched for helping such a worthy cause,” said Nathan, who until moments ago was running his fingers through his hair.

Nathan's before and after
GadgetGuy’s Nathan before and after.

This year’s “World’s Greatest Shave” has raised over five million dollars and has a goal of $13.5 million. To help out, head to World’s Greatest Shave 2010 and join in on the cause.