Tech that travels – the best gear to take when you’re away from home

Whether you’re packing a business suit or a sarong, tech toys can be as important to your travel plans as your airline ticket, writes Nathan Taylor.

So you’re planning to head away from home for a while, and want to know the best gear to take with you. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite gadgets and technology for people who like to take their technology with them when they go.

Mobile phones


Sony Ericsson K850 mobile phone

Sony Ericsson K850i
Price: $1,099

If you like photography, but don’t want to lug a camera around, then Sony Ericsson’s K850i is your go-to phone.

With its five-megapixel camera, full flash and host of photography functions it is very nearly as good as a dedicated camera. It also has a great screen and MP3 and movie player, does video calling on 3G, supports quad-band GSM (so it should really work anywhere), and can be upgraded with Memory Stick Micro.



Samsung F500 mobile phone

Samsung F500
Price: $1,099

If you’re a fan of multimedia on your phone, Samsung’s F500 with its tilt screen and excellent video support is a great option. It supports 3G and tri-band GSM, can play movies downloaded from the Internet and can plug into a TV set for large screen viewing.

You might have to buy a few MicroSD cards to store all your movies on, but you’ll never be far away from your entertainment system.