The art of noise

A genuine world’s first, made in South Australia, VAF’s SoundWall may look like art, but it’s designed to improve the acoustics of your home theatre. By Peter Blasina.

From the street, the small, nondescript commercial building near the CBD of Adelaide could house anything from a travel agent to an interior design company. However, when you enter the facility you soon realise that in this medium-sized building a significant revolution in home theatre is taking place.

Once inside I was greeted by the livewire founder of VAF Research, Philip Vafiadis. He started the company in 1978, and claims that it has become world famous for developing some of the greatest speakers in the world.

The company now boasts a team of passionate enthusiasts, who together with various other designers and consultants, is developing a range of visionary acoustic and digital AV technologies that are truly innovative.

Vafiadis is involved in a number of development projects and has a sizeable number of patents under his belt, but it soon becomes abundantly clear that his real passion lies in creating a perfect audio environment with his company?s speakers. He is a walking encyclopedia of audio information and, as he demonstrates his products, you cannot help but be completely captivated by his passion, experience and expertise in his chosen field.