The Gadget Guy 2009 Officeworks tour

The Gadget Guy, Peter Blasina will be appearing in Officeworks stores across Australia throughout 2009. His two and half-hour presentation involves a comprehensive explanation and demonstration of key technology products and is presented as an easy-to-follow buyers guide in 6 key areas.

1. Digital cameras

  • Deciding what category of digital camera best suits your needs
  • Explaining the basic component of all digital photos – PIXELS
  • Zooms and lens quality – optical vs digital zooms
  • Understanding “Scene Modes”
  • What are a camera’s special modes – such as Face Detection, Smile Detection, Blink Detection and even ‘Beauty’ modes?
  • DSLR cameras for the enthusiast

2. Notebooks

It’s a tricky business, buying a new notebook. Sure, it’s easy enough to decide on a colour you like, and weight and screen size is something that everybody understands. But what about all those specs?

  • Choosing which type of notebook suits your needs
  • The importance of RAM
  • Hard drive – much as with memory, the more hard drive space, the better
  • The screen size is one of the first decisions you have to make when buying a notebook. A bigger screen is obviously better, but the trade off is portability
  • Service and support – here’s the simplest piece of advice we have for you: consider an extended warranty.

3. Printer Buyers Guide

With so many types, brands, and models of printers available, it can be a bit intimidating finding a printer that will meet your printing needs. Asking the right questions when viewing the extensive range of printers at Officeworks is an important step in making the right decision.

  • What will you use the printer for and is it for home or office use?
  • What are you going to use the printer for?
  • Understanding the ‘Ink Trap’
  • Photo card slots and display screens
  • Have you thought about non-traditional brand printers?
  • Understanding what ‘maximum print resolution’ means
  • What type of printer is best for photo printing?

4. Basic Networking Guide

Networking is when two or more “devices” connect with one another through a router. Desktop and laptop computers, printers, gaming consoles, handheld games and storage are all different types of networking devices. Most home networks connect to the internet.

  • Benefits of networking
  • Types of networks: wired and wireless
  • Why choose a wireless network?
  • Why choose a wired network?
  • Network hardware
  • How routers work

5. Data Storage

Just about everything in our lives is being stored digitally today – music, videos, photographs, documents, arts and crafts, and much more.

  • Storage guidelines – backup storage
  • Shared storage – While it sounds daunting, another option is a network attached storage (NAS)
  • Data storage – key points

6. Digital pens

See the very latest digital pen technology that records everything you write and everything that was said while you were writing.

  • Send both text and audio files to colleagues or friends
  • Turn your handwritten notes into text
  • Digital pens that can replace a whiteboard


Question and answer session

Pete is also happy to answer those technology questions that haven’t been able to find answers to for some time. Pete’s presentation involves demonstrating the latest technology from a broad range of brands. It is designed to be easy to understand and practical so that you can make an informed buying decision about your next technology purchase.