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Price: $220

Like the futuristic Aston from Russell Hobbs, the Breville aims to be smart, living in the future and not just bringing the bread in, cooking the sides, and telling you when it’s done, but bringing in buttons specifically for checking to see how the bread is cooking, for toasting it a bit more in case it wasn’t done, and for toasting fruit bread (my gran will be pleased).

The future is apparently filled with buttons. For toasters, anyway; your phone is still a touchscreen slate.

KitchenAid Artisan 4 Slice Toaster KMT423


Price: $249

KitchenAid’s take on the future of toasting isn’t totally distinct from what either Sunbeam or Breville believes is the future — because LEDs are in here, too.

You’ll also find motorisation — just like the Breville — but carrying differing temperatures for each pair of slots, with a countdown timer.

Yes people, the future is timed.

The luxury

A luxury toaster is a rather odd concept, you know, because toast isn’t exactly a luxury food. Still, you can either make it luxury by adding caviar, or just use some proper artisanal bread (or even some you’ve made yourself).

Or maybe you just prefer a more spesh toaster.

Whatever the situation, these bets are for you.

Smeg 50s Retro 4 Slice Toaster TSF02RDAU


Price: $199

About a retro as it gets, Smeg’s designs haven’t changed a lot over the years, and the Smeg’s “50’s Retro Style Aesthetic” toaster continues that tradition, with a polished chrome body that reveals a shiny body and the brand “Smeg” in the original font.

It’s very much like the Smeg fridge, so if you have one of those, you know exactly what this looks like. Oh, and it toasts bread, so you also know exactly what it does.