The Wire season 5 & Complete Series Box Set on sale February

Series 5 of the brilliant TV show The Wire – finally getting a decent run on two of the new digital TV channels, Channel 9’s GO! and ABC2 – will be available on DVD on February 3, 2010. This is the last series of the show, and if ever a TV show was created to be watched in your own time, this is it, if for no other reason that to rewind to check what was said, or even turn on the subtitles, there’s quite a bit of street slang thrown into the dialogue mix.

The many and varied storylines comes to a resolution, but this series takes a particular aim at the role of the media in addressing the political, economic and social realities depicted over the course of the series. Says David Simon, the creator of the show, “It made sense to finish The Wire with this reflection on the state of the media, as all the other attendant problems of the American city depicted in the previous four seasons will not be solved until the depth and range of those problems is first acknowledged. And that won’t happen without an intelligent, aggressive and well-funded press.”

Extras on the DVD include “The Wire: The Last Word” a documentary exploring the role of the media, “The Wire: Odyssey” a retrospective of the First Four Seasons, and six commentary tracks.

The DVD of The Wire, series 5, will have an RRP of $59.95.

On the same day the box set of The Wire will go on sale, containing everyone of the episodes of the show’s 5 seasons. The RRP for the Complete Series box set on DVD is $149.95.