Three hot handsets

Looking for the hottest handsets to make a statement or get ahead of the crowd? These three will do the trick.

1. Nokia 6120 Classic

Nokia goes to the Next G network

Devotees of Nokia’s wonderfully simple and intuitive phones can at last match that superb experience with the great speed and coverage of the Next G network.

The familiar, smooth Nokia experience lets you quickly master video messaging, video calls and web browsing. Also a fantastic entertainment package, this phone has a built in FM radio and integrated MP3 player. The 2 megapixel camera with panorama mode makes it easy to snap the gorgeous scenery on your next trip and send it home to family and friends. Now that’s staying in touch.


One for the fashionistas

The new versions of Motorola’s elegant flipper break new ground with three bold new colours: lavender, slate grey and stone grey.

The sleek machine also packs all the entertainment you need into a stylish package. Whether you want to watch BigPond TV or listen to your favourite tunes, this phone can do it.

You can also send video and still messages or snap photos of your latest outfit with the 1.3 megapixel camera. Viewed on the new, 262,000 colour display, you’ve never looked so good

3. Telstra 152

Budget price without compromise

Want Next G functionality for next to nothing? The feature-packed Telstra 152 can take you into the future without eating into your future-fund. With an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera and an MP3 player built in, this is the only device you will need in your pocket. Keep an eye on its pre-paid cousin, the Telstra 156, too!

Source: Australian GO magazine