Tips and tweaks: fine tuning your home theatre system

Your home theatre system should be doing a great job, but there’s always the chance to make it a little better. Here are some tips for finetuning its performance.

Picture perfect

When you first get your TV out of the box, and place it in its proper place as the centrepiece of your viewing room, you may well be disappointed with the picture. The fact is, almost all TVs are set to be garishly bright and harsh, so as to attract the eye when they’re in the TV showroom. Generally the settings will need to be turned down.

Most displays have presets, such as ‘Dynamic’, ‘Natural’, ‘Cinema’ and so on. ‘Dynamic’ will likely be the default setting. But choose ‘Standard’ or ‘User’ if available, for a far more realistic picture.

That’s just the start. It is then time to adjust the colour, contrast, brightness and sharpness controls.