TomTom says “go” with new five and six inch navigators

It’s time for all backseat drivers and map hogs to go away, with navigation being controlled from right next to the driver’s seat. The latest TomTom range hopes to help out here, with new features, two sizes, and map updates that last until the product goes belly-up.

The next generation of TomTom’s in-car navigation units has been announced, with the brand bringing the product back to the drawing board and redeveloping it to work better, faster, and help drivers as they’re working out how to get to point B.

“The new Go range delivers a brand new, improved navigation experience to our customers,” said Winnie Kwan, Senior Marketing Manager for TomTom in the Asia Pacific region.

“Our unique interactive map and the intuitive quick search feature, together with our world class lifetime traffic and map offer will certainly help drivers to make the smartest driving decisions every day, putting them in control.”

Included in the refresh are 3D maps, constantly updating traffic provided a smartphone is connected over Bluetooth, capacitive touch screens to help passengers and drivers get in close to better maps, and of course, more map updates.

This last one is especially important because, as drivers will be aware, roads can change all the time, and most of us don’t think to update our navigation systems because of the expected cost this brings.

To help deal with this, TomTom is bringing “lifetime maps” for the new Go range, which means that until the product is discontinued, customers can download free map updates to the GPS unit.

“The complete redesign of the TomTom Go, clearly shows that TomTom is thinking ahead and breaking new ground,” said Kwan.

TomTom’s Go will come in two models, with the 5 inch model fetching $249 RRP and the 6 inch model for $299, with the products hitting stores now.