Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset boasts big features at a big price

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

Versatility, powerful audio, and comfort are the big selling points of the recently-announced Turtle Beach Stealth Pro wireless gaming headset. Out soon, the audio device is part of an upcoming range from the popular gaming peripheral brand, including various specialised controllers.

One of the best things about the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is its cross-platform compatibility. Plenty of wireless gaming headsets get locked into particular platforms’ ecosystems, meaning you can use them with some devices but not others. This is commonly the case with PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as Xbox uses a proprietary wireless technology while third-party headsets usually connect to PlayStation via a USB dongle. Although there is a PlayStation-specific version of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, the Xbox version supports just about any games platform you can think of. In addition to PlayStation and Xbox, you can also connect to Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and mobile devices via Bluetooth.

As its “Pro” moniker suggests, this headset is a premium-level product, which the price reflects. At $599.95, it’s comparable to the lauded SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro X headset. However, what’s inside the Stealth Pro promises to be an impressive gaming companion.

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro: big sound, big features

Aside from the generous multiplatform support, the upcoming Turtle Beach headset has a long list of audio features worth examining. Generating the device’s sound are 50mm Nanoclear drivers, said to have 56% more surface area than the 40mm drivers used by many other gaming headsets. In addition to better handling bass while balancing left and right speakers, these drivers also help produce the 3D surround sound effect supported by the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) comes included with the Stealth Pro, powered by four internal microphones. Fully adjustable, you can set the ANC to reduce external noise by up to 25db or allow noise in so you can hear people near you. Noise reduction also extends to the headset’s in-built mics and external boom mic, the latter of which uses a cardioid microphone to isolate your voice. Games and tech companies love an acronym, so this technology has the label Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning or SMART.

Another major aspect of the Stealth Pro is that you get more than just a headset in the box. Included are two 12-hour battery packs so you can have one on the go while the other is charging. Plus, the Bluetooth 5.1 connection supports dual-device connectivity. While you play games on one device, you can listen to music or take calls from another, which is handy.

Although expensive, the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro seemingly offers a lot in return for the investment. Pre-orders are open now at various retailers ahead of its 26 May release date.

Peripherals aplenty

Not content with pushing out a new headset and being done with it, Turtle Beach also has several other bits of equipment out now aimed at enhancing your game-playing experience. There’s the $249.95 VelocityOne Flightstick for PC and Xbox gamers, designed to make games like Microsoft Flight Simulator even more realistic. Alongside the Flightstick is the VelocityOne Rudder, a set of $479.95 pedals that are for hardcore flight simulator enthusiasts.

Outside of the flight sim space, Turtle Beach also launched two new controllers. One is the Atom Controller, a split-grip gamepad that slots onto either side of Android phones. It retails for $189.95 and pairs well with mobile game services, like cloud-enabled Xbox Game Pass games. If you want a more conventional controller, you can grab the Recon Cloud Hybrid Controller. At $189.95, it connects to Android devices, Xbox consoles, and Windows PC.

So there you have it: Turtle Beach has an impressive-looking headset to look forward to, and several specialist controllers out now if you want to upgrade your games setup.

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