Unidrill 18V – multi-angle, hand-held power drill


Result in the 2007 Australian Design Awards: Australian Design Mark

Design + Development Team: Concept to Reality & BlueSky Design Group

Product description

The first cordless hand-held power drill with an innovative multi-angle drill head capable of rotating between 0 to 90 degrees. It is specifically designed to improve access to job areas that are awkward and difficult for a conventional handheld power drill to reach.

Why does the product represent design excellence and why did it receive an Australian Design Award?

The primary focus of the Unidrill was to fulfill a simple yet significant need that conventional handheld power drill lacks ? the flexibility in reaching into awkward areas for an otherwise simple task of drilling holes or tightening screws. It is the first product of its kind that is fitted with an innovative multi-angle drill head, allowing easy access to job areas which were not previously possible ? a problem that exists on a daily basis in our building and development industry.

The worldwide patented innovation of the multi-angle drill head adds flexibility by allowing it to rotate. With a simple twist action, the drill head can be rotated between 0 and 90 degrees as desired. The multi-angle head can then be conveniently and securely locked into position by two independent rotary locks. The design of the gear drives ensures power output from the driver motor is maintained and performance at the drill head is not compromised. To further enhance its flexibilities, the Unidrill also comes with innovative add-on features. Attachments such as extension handle shaft gives added functionality that is not previously introduced. Moreover, its construction and design complies with US and Australian handheld power tool standards.

Ergonomics have been another major focus for the design team in designing the Unidrill. Careful consideration of the size and positioning of the motor and battery pack ensured the body weight passes through the vertical axis of the power grip on the handle. This creates a balanced handheld power drill with minimum forward or backward bias that reduces unnecessary wrist deviation. To improve grip and control, the ergonomically designed handle is co-molded with a durable polymer. The slightly larger cross-section aims to provide a good level of grip and control even with protective gloves. Similarly, control switches such as trigger, forward/reverse button are designed to be pronounced for ease of access and operation.

The aesthetics focus for the design team was to create a new topology that best describes this innovation. While the basic form language reflects its heritage as a handheld power drill, the design language is defined by strong, automotive-like forms. Details such as exposed fixation are used to express its powertool nature. Silver cast alloy parts with geometrical forms are used on the drill head and ends of the driver to convey an image of high technology and performance. These parts are contrasted by softer shapes of the steel blue motor housing and charcoal grey polymer handle. The steel blue colour was chosen not only for its high visibility, but also an aim to introduce a new colour to the saturated powertool market, a colour that is unique to Unidrill. Contrasting to the blue, yellow has been used as a semantic device on control switches for ease of identification and safety requirements.

Paired with a strong visual impact and careful ergonomics considerations, the innovative Unidrill not only adds significant functional value to the common powertool, but is packaged to fulfill the need for improved flexibility in handheld power drills.

Source: Standards Australia