Using appliances to cook attracts women, says a study from Sunbeam

The GadgetGuy’s team of reviewers don’t need a reason to get in the kitchen, but if you know a guy afraid of standing in front of the stove, operating a mixer, or working a cup like a barista, here’s a good reason to get him cooking: it gets the girls.

According to some new research that was commissioned by appliance maker Sunbeam, cooking is sexy.

Yes, the very act of baking a cake or making a proper cup of coffee with textured milk and all now, according to the people it was tested on, ranks higher on a happiness scale than if the man in a relationship does something like sawing wood or building flat pack furniture.

The tests were conducted on 20 Aussie couples, with the men and women in the relationships wearing Electroencephalogphy headsets (EEG) to monitor brain waves for positive and negative responses, while Galvanic skin response (GSR) kits were also worn to track physiological response.

This combination of technology was studied by people in white lab coats operating computers — neuroscientists — who found that making a cake made women more aroused than when a guy used a power drill, with the score 57.5 percent on the cake mixing compared to the drill’s 55 percent.

Even better, apparently seven out of ten women felt that the man making a coffee was like him giving her a gift, with the skin response telling the scientists that.

And if the guy cooks for the girl? Well that rates even higher, with the blender operation scoring 65 percent, slightly higher than the 60 percent which were attracted to sawing wood in half, and much higher than the 32.5 percent who were impressed their guy could follow instructions and build a small table from their local flat-pack furniture seller.

“Women want different things from their partner these days,” said Dr. Nikki Goldstein, a relationship expert Sunbeam shared its research with.

“We don’t always need someone who can fix things or handle power tools. Cooking or making something for us can be an infinitely more thoughtful gesture in today’s busy society than unblocking a drainpipe.”

While this little stunt is obviously a way for Sunbeam to say “buy our wares,” it’s still a neat concept altogether, and not only confirms what this writer’s fiancee has been saying for years, but tells men that they should probably be in the kitchen more than ever.