ViewSonic gets a projector to see double with two HDMI ports

Projectors tend to offer good value in terms of size and price, but HDMI ports are rarely a friend, usually coming with only one input. Fortunately, there’s a box coming with support for more.

That box is a Full HD projector from ViewSonic, and while it does come with a mouthful of a name, the PJD7822HDL is all about modern inputs, relying on the HDMI connectivity that most entertainment devices require these days.

Think about the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, the laptops and phones and tablets and whatnot; think about these and you’ll generally see HDMI output from the machines, expecting you to plug them into a source with the HDMI cable, and having to fork out extra if you’re using an older graphics standard like composite, component, or VGA.

Now that we’re all on the one-plug connection that is HDMI, it makes sense to have more than one of these on a projector, and that’s where ViewSonic’s projector comes in.

The PJD7822HDL comes with two HDMI ports and a USB port, the latter of which is ideal if you plan on plugging in a Google Chromecast, as it will draw power from the projector when it’s on and automatically switch off when you turn that projector off.

Beyond the input and USB port, you’ll find support for Full HD 1920×1080 at 60Hz, a brightness of 3200 lumens, and ViewSonic’s own “SuperColour” image enhancement technology.

“First-time buyers looking for an affordable yet easy-to-set-up home entertainment projector will love the unbeatable combination of quality, brightness, innovative connectivity, and value of the PJD7822HDL,” said ViewSonic’s Max Hsu.

“With a 1.3X optical zoom short throw lens, the PJD7822HDL offers flexible setup options for even small rooms. Moreover, 1080p resolution on a super large screen, up to 300 inches, and wireless streaming capability all empower users with a wider range of entertainment options.”

Pricing for the projector comes in with a recommended retail price of $1399.