At a price point of $649, it is fairly obvious the Samsung VPD352i is aimed at the entry level market. With that in mind, it is never going to have the features set of a $1000 plus camcorder. Nevertheless, the D352i is good value for money with a number of notable features. First is the fact that Samsung have decided not to scrimp on the LCD panel making one that is clear and sharp. Next is the optical zoom ? all 20x of it (we?ll ignore the ridiculous 900x digital zoom). An electronic image stabiliser is standard and so is PictBridge ? but no SD or other memory card so stills will be to tape.

As a start camera, this?ll do the job if you aren?t fussed about manual overrides on everything.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Value for money, 20x optical zoom.
No memory card.