Where to watch the World Cup

SBS is the pick of the TV bunch for your footy fix – the only place for Aussies to watch the 2010 World Cup on TV – securing exclusive rights to all of the fixtures in the competition and broadcasting them live at an ungodly hour as they happen, live on SBS One and their digital SBS Two channel (including overlap for non-digital viewers, so anything shown on SBS Two will also appear on SBS One).

The digital TV channels will broadcast in digital stereo audio, and some matches will also be screened live on the SBS ‘World Game’ website.

SBS HD will show the same matches in 720p high definition (with stereo sound) and SBS’s participation also extends to 3D, partnering with Sony and Harvey Norman to show at least 12 to 15 of the 64 fixtures in three dimensions on a dedicated channel (Channel 40, available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth), with plans to include the semis and World Cup final.

Live games, of course, mean a lot of sleepless nights for football fans, so put your bulk order in for Red Bull right now. The upshot for pre-dawn viewers, though, is that a projection system works best in a darkened room, meaning you’ll experience the best image your system can muster, and without having to fuss about how to control light levels in your stadium-at-home.