Whirlpool’s new range of top mount refrigerators – mean and green on energy usage

The refrigerator is the single biggest power consumer in many households. But the latest range of innovative, energy efficient top mount Whirlpool refrigerators makes it easy to be green.

Consumer recommendations from the Australian Government outline the importance of using the Energy Rating system as a first point of reference and Whirlpool has been awarded an outstanding 4.5 star rating, making the smart choice simple**.

Achieving this standard illustrates Whirlpool’s excellence in design and production, the results being a fridge that delivers outstanding features and functionality.

Whirlpool Top Mount Refrigerator was designed with reversible doors. This makes it easy to open at your convenience, from the side that suits you.

The fast freeze compartment contains its own cooling ducts, chilling the compartment rapidly and thus preserving the original freshness. Even the chiller drawer contains its own duct to maintain a steady temperature.

The main fridge shelving features Tough Tempered Glass ensuring an easy clean and strong hygienic system. The SpillGuard innovation prevents any spills from contaminating the rest of the fridge. The shelf can even hold a full can of soft drink without spilling a drop.

The Whirlpool top mount refrigerators are available with 430L or a 470L capacity in either stainless steel or white which will be a welcomed addition to both a classic or contemporary home.

** The 470Lt top mount fridge has a 4.5 star energy rating and the 430Lt achieved a 4 star energy rating.

Source: Whirlpool