Yamaha iPod and iPhone docks – PDX-50 and PDX-30

The PDX-50 is an iPhone and iPod dock that transmits audio to a speaker unit using Yamaha’s Air Wired technology. This, says the company, is superior to other wireless forms such as Bluetooth with the ability to send PCM data in real-time, resulting in significantly lower transmission delay and no requirement for pairing of devices.

iPods and iPhone charge while docked, and control of volume and playlists is achieved via the player’s own jog wheel or the by selecting album art on the phone’s touchscreen. You can also make or receive calls on an iPhone while its docked in the transmitter, and the speaker unit provides 15 watts output from two 8 cm drivers. Available in black, blue, grey and pink, the PDX-50 costs $499.

Yamaha’s $249 PDX-30 speaker dock for iPod/iPhone provides similar features and operations to the PDX-50, but via direct docking rather thanminus wireless transmission.