Yamaha’s 4th generation YSP4000BSWi digital sound projector

Yamaha’s 4th generation YSP4000BSWi digital sound projector has new inclusions, such as 2 HDMI inputs with upconversion from composite and component video inputs, 1080i/720p video upscaling from analog sources, an FM tuner, plus iPod compatibility via the supplied YDS10S iPod dock. The YSTSW225B subwoofer is included in the $2,999 package, and the optional wall bracket is $129.

Installed beneath a flat panel TV, Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector technology controls the orientation of sound from attached audio and video sources by focusing it through multiple beams, with each beam bouncing of walls so that 5 discrete channels can be heard and immersive sound experience acheived.

Setup is simple: plug in the supplied microphone and calibration to your particular room id automatic. There are several modes, including five-beam remote for 5.1 audio sources. Using the My Beam function on the remote, you can focus audio to a specific point so as not to disturb others, and with Compressed Music Enhancer, you can improve the sound quality from MP3 and other digital music files.